Your business is poised for the future. Your TV should be too.

Why Get Moby TV for Business?

Ease & Convenience

Give your clients or customers the full HD television experience. We have all the channels everyone loves packaged in a way that gives you more choice than ever before.

TV on Your Terms

Boost your customer’s experience by keeping them entertained while they wait. Tap into the incredible TV features we put at your fingertips. From CatchUp TV to Cloud DVR to Restart TV, you’ll have the freedom to play what you want, when you want.

24/7 Customer Service

We work where you work. Based in downtown Calgary, we provide technical support and customer service that’s here for you.

Customized Packages

Change what you want when you need to with no fixed terms.

Moby's TV for business comes with all the essentials

Moby TV includes all the features you need

Restart TV

Running a bit behind and your show has already started? No problem. Go back to the beginning of a show that’s currently airing with the push of a button.

Cloud DVR

Enjoy the flexibility of recording TV shows straight to the Cloud to watch on any set-top box in your home at any time.

CatchUp TV

Forgot to set your DVR? No worries. With CatchUp TV, watch any show on demand that has aired in the last 24 hours as if you had recorded it.

Flexible Recording

With both series and time-based recording, record every episode of your favourite series and those special one-offs, like a movie for date night or the big game.


Bring your show up even if you’re still flipping through channels looking for something to watch.


Let your TV remember when your show is about to start so you don’t have to. Schedule display messages that pop up to let you know your show is about to begin.

Trick Play

Pause, play, fast-forward, rewind, and skip features give you the power to watch TV how you want to watch TV.

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