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Best Enterprise Office Telecom Solutions for Businesses in Calgary and Edmonton Office Buildings by Moby using Fibre Optic Lines & Technology.

Remarkable business connections.

Personalized, local and reliable.

Located in downtown Calgary, our team is 100% local and 100% available when you need us. 
Our Fibre Optic Network is the backbone of your connected world. With the fastest speeds in Alberta 
and a responsive technical support team, we are a service provider you can trust your business to. 

Customized plans.

Your enterprise isn’t one size fits all and your enterprise solutions shouldn’t be either.
Customized plans and customized service.

Built for tomorrow.

Our modern infrastructure and services are designed to perform and scale up with your business growth.

Unique solutions designed just for you.


We offer speeds up to 100Gigs.
We think all Calgary businesses deserve fast, reliable and secure internet services with no data caps. Whether you’re using it for your enterprise solutions or for customer WIFI, all enterprise level services receive dedicated and managed internet.


There’s more to Moby Business Phone than unlimited calling in Canada and the US for one low price. From receiving voicemails via email to answering calls on your mobile device when you can’t answer the office phone, a Moby Phone has many more benefits.

Managed Solutions

Managed Business Solutions from Moby are designed to be as unique as your business and are specific to your needs. You will receive a dedicated technical team to monitor, maintain and upgrade your equipment along with security features that meet your requirements.


Moby security options include protection for all your networks and devices. Get built-in DDoS, managed or unmanaged firewalls, advanced antimalware and encrypted surveillance cameras.

Dark Fibre Lease

Moby can provide a dedicated fibre pair between two or more locations.

Private Networks

Connect multiple sites in the downtown core with Ethernet, MPLS and fibre backbone.

Call or email us using the contact form for a customized quote for all your enterprise needs.

We are available for all your technical needs, beyond evaluation and install, we’re your support team.

Moby - FAQ's

Yes, Moby has been delivering internet services along with TV and VoIP phone bundling/packaging for both residents and businesses in Calgary’s downtown core since 2019.

As a Calgary-based independent triple-play telecommunications company, Moby provides high speed fibre optic lines to high-density multi-family buildings and to mid-high density commercial buildings in Calgary and Edmonton.

Unlike other independent ISPs that resell the services of other incumbent players like Telus, Rogers, and Shaw, Moby builds and manages its own fiber end-to-end. That freedom allows Moby to deliver truly unique high-end independent offerings for both residential and business customers.

Read about Moby in the News.

Moby is different from other telecoms in that we own our own fibre lines and are able to make business decisions that are not influenced by others in a complex chain of command. This allows us to make policies that are more attractive to both residential and business customers in Calgary and Edmonton, where our lines are installed. These policies are what make us unique. The list below include some of our more popular policies.


  • No contracts
  • Free install
  • No throttling/buffering
  • Custom bundling/packaging/plans for internet, tv & phone
  • Local 24/7 customer support
  • Affordable pricing
  • Unlimited Canada/USA phone


  • Locally managed office solutions such as VOIP, WiFi, Custom Phone Systems, MS Teams Solutions and more. 

Custom enterprise internet solutions including Networking, Colocation Data Centers, up to 100Gb internet speeds and more. 

Read about Moby in the News.

Moby services are offered, at present, in many Calgary and Edmonton office buildings and condo/apartment buildings. This number continues to grow each month.

To see if your building has Moby yet, click on one of the links below.

Get Moby for Residential Internet services.

Get Moby for Business Internet services.

Yes. If fastest internet speed and best customer service reviews are the measurements, then we are the best, hands down. But, we'll let you decide from the comparisons below.

Max upload/download speeds in downtown Calgary as of Aug, 2022.
Moby: 10Gbps Up, 10Gbps Down
Telus: 2.5Gbps Up, 2.5Gbps Down
Shaw: 100Mbps Up, 1.5Gbps Down

Local review ratings for internet providers in Calgary as of Aug, 2022.

Moby: 176 reviews avg 4.7 stars
Telus: 58 reviews avg 4.0 stars
Shaw: 21 reviews avg 4.5 stars

Pure fibre optics means a direct physical fibre optic connection to your home or business. That translates into super fast speed, low latency and high reliability. Also, it means use of multiple devices, fast WIFI, streaming and gaming.  What it doesn't mean is lag time, outages, WIFI issues and other speed related problems. It's the gold standard for high speed internet.

Moby's lines are pure fibre optics.

Moby does not engage in the throttling and buffering practices. That's because our pure fibre lines have extensive bandwidth capacity. Also, we have a limited user base of Calgary and Edmonton population with excess capacity to serve.  So, there's no need to throttle our customers.

Almost never.  Our technical engineering team is the best. And, we use the most current telecom management software and hardware on the market. Additionally, our pure fibre lines have very high bandwidth capacity and low usage traffic.  So, you don't have to worry about outages, delays and issues. Plus, you're secure, thanks to our security software and systems.

No. Your monthly internet bill will never change due to data caps and overage charges. You get exactly what you signed up for, at all times. No gimmicks.

Business Services - FAQ's

Moby's speeds are up to 10 times faster than the average provider in Alberta. With speeds of up to 10Gigs, your business productivity will never be the same. Streaming, video conferencing, file uploads/downloads, email, WiFi, networking and so much more will be fast, smooth and satisfying.

Learn more about our Business Commercial Internet Services.

Moby's Business Commercial Internet Services have speeds of up to 10Gigs which puts them at about 10 times faster than the average of all other local telecoms.

Yes. Moby's fibre optic backbone is architected for speed, reliability, scalability, and security. Additionally, our team of highly skilled technical support personnel, work smart to keep it that way.

For sure. If your business needs WiFI setup, we will provide it.  Each Business Solution is unique to the client. And, it's changeable at any time. 

Yes. We can connect multiple sites in the downtown core with private networks through ethernet, multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) and our fibre backbone.

A cloud-based phone system, or cloud phone, is a phone service that allows you to make calls over the internet rather than over a traditional analog phone that uses copper wires or optical fibers to make a connection. Cloud phones are hosted in one or more offsite secure data centers.

These phone systems can be used with a variety of devices, including traditional phones with adapters, smartphone apps, computer software or VoIP-enabled phones. Rather than maintaining software via a server such as a private branch exchange (PBX) on the premises, all information and data are stored in the cloud. This helps you save on costly maintenance and updates since everything can be easily updated in the cloud.

The benefits of this system include no need for expensive hardware and it's easily scaled.

Moby offers full Cloud Phone System solutions for Business.

To learn more, Contact Moby - Internet Service Provider.

Our fully managed voice services refer to a system that combines your internet connection, hardware and voice over internet protocol (VoIP) into one package that is managed by Moby, your service provider. With this system in place, we monitor and manage your phones, so you don't have to.

Moby's management portal makes it easy to see call histories, active calls in progress, add new users, setup auto-attendants and set up custom hold music and voicemail messages.

The systems has 17 standard features and 12 add-on features.

Yes. Moby offers several Phone/Fax packages at very reasonable pricing.

Yes. Moby can add TV services on to any Business package. They'll get full HD television, extensive channel options, plenty of features, and 24/7 local support.

Yes.  Moby can provide a dedicated fibre pair between two or more locations. Additionally, we can connect multiple sites in the downtown core with private networks through ethernet, Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) and our fibre backbone.

Managed Business Solutions from Moby are designed to be specifically unique to your business needs.

You will receive a dedicated technical team to install, monitor, maintain and upgrade your equipment as well as security features specific to your requirements.

Learn more about Moby's Enterprise Office Telecom Solutions.

Moby provides several layers of network firewall security, antimalware protection, virus protection, built-in DDoS, encrypted surveillance cameras and more.

To learn more, Contact Moby - Internet Service Provider.

Moby's customer service levels far exceed most local Telecoms. That's mostly because our support team is local and very skillful in our technologies. That team consists of customer service reps, technical support and account managers. They all work in our downtown Calgary office and live in Calgary. Additionally, we are available 24/7 (not just 9-5). So, when you have a problem, we won't put you on hold for hours, or tell you to call back during regular business hours, or tell you to wait a week before a technician can be scheduled. Instead, we'll do our best to fix the problem and have you up and running in a jiffy.

See Moby's Customer  Support Reviews.

We provide telephone support, email support, technical support, billing support and TV manuals for those who like to manage their own accounts.

Click on Get Moby buttons anywhere on the website or select it from our main business menu. 

No.  But, if you really want your building to join Moby's fibre optic network downtown, all you need to do is mention it to your building management. We can add you to the waiting list.

Yes.  Moby has extensive Residential Internet, Phone & TV options and packages in Calgary and Edmonton.

Learn more about Moby's Residential Internet, Phone & TV