Talk is cheap. With one low price and unlimited calling in Canada and the US* you can afford to connect with friends and family.

*Excludes Northwest Territories, Hawaii and Alaska.

Why Get Moby Home Phone?


Use your existing hardware to connect with Moby. Any phone will do (even a banana phone).

We’ve Got Your Number

Keep your existing phone number at no extra charge.

No Add-Ons Necessary

Moby phones include nine call features at no added cost. So leave a voicemail, screen your calls or have a three-way (as in a conference call!).

There’s No Excuse Not to Call Your Mom

With low long-distance rates outside of Canada and the U.S., call your mom. She’d like that.


per month*

Unlimited calling in Canada and the US for one low price.

International call charges apply.

*Excludes Northwest Territories, Hawaii and Alaska.

Moby Residential Phone Includes No-Charge Extras

Caller ID with Name

See the phone number and name of who’s calling

Caller ID Block

Hide your caller ID when you want to protect your privacy

Call Forwarding

Forward all incoming calls to a different number

Call Waiting

Take a second call when you're already on the line

Number Porting

Keep your existing phone number when you switch to Moby

Do Not Disturb

Set your phone to go straight to voicemail


Allows your callers to leave a message and makes it easy for you to check your messages

911 Dialing

Works with traditional 911 services

3-Way Calling

Allows you to have a conference call with two other people

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