Meet Moby.
More than just a service provider.

Moby was created based on the desire for connection — creating an authentic connection with Calgarians through superior personalized customer service while providing the best connection with the most modern fibre optic technology available.

While our name is inspired by a large whale, we’re OK being a smaller business in a big telecom pool.

That’s because smaller can mean more personalized service and more customized choices for our customers.

With a founder whose background includes working for one of the major telcos, Moby was built on the principle that our customers should not be numbers in a queue. They do not all fit under one bundle. And they do not need to be locked into a contract to be loyal.

Our customers are our community.

We are a local downtown business providing local service to Calgary residents and to businesses of all sizes. So drop in for a coffee, play some games and meet your Moby neighbour. We’d love to connect.

Your Moby

Moby has customized local Internet, TV and phone service for downtown Calgary residents and businesses.

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