Enterprise Voice

What is Moby Enterprise Voice?

There’s more to Moby Business Phone than unlimited calling in Canada and the US for one low price. From receiving voicemails via email to answering calls on your mobile device when you can’t answer the office phone, a Moby Phone has many more benefits. Here’s a few more!

There’s No Excuse Not to Call Your Mom
With low long-distance rates outside of Canada and the U.S., call your mom. She’d like that.

We’ve Got Your Number
Keep your existing phone number at no extra charge.

Use your existing hardware to connect with Moby. Any phone will do (even a banana phone).

Stop Playing Phone Tag
From Find me/Follow me to Hunt Groups, forward calls to multiple numbers that will ring at the same time or in the order of your choosing. Take your office calls or listen to voicemail from anywhere. Perfect for the person on the go and sales or service teams.

No Add-Ons Necessary
Moby phones include 17 call features at no added cost. So route and screen your calls or have a three-way (as in a conference call!)

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